Premier Carpet Cleaning Van

What Our Clients Are Saying

When Tom cleaned the carpet throughout my townhouse there were spots that I thought would not come out. Not only did the spots disappear but the whole carpet looks brand new! Excellent work!

The first time Brian came out to clean the carpet in our boys’ playroom, I was amazed at how good the carpet looked again. He even applied a carpet treatment that helped to delay the inevitable stains that the boys make.
T. Comeaux

Tom and Brian are very professional people. They did exactly what they said they would do. We even had a large spill that created a stain only days after we had our carpets cleaned. We called them and they came right over and cleaned the spill at no charge. Great Service! Good Price! Great People!
T. Daly

I found Premier Carpet Cleaners to be a very respectful business with great service and friendly people. My carpets came out very clean and I was even instructed on what to do and not to do if a spill occurs.
L. Popp

The carpet cleaning was excellent. I appreciated the quick response to service request and found techs to be very courteous and thorough.
C. Fishburn

I am very impressed with your service. My white Berber carpets are absolutely spotless. The mildew and rust stains were completely removed leaving carpet clean and fresh smelling.
L. Fraser

We were very pleased with the service and promptness. I love having stains removed from my carpets that my home steam cleaner could not remove.
E. Cannon

I consider Premier Carpet Cleaning a very honest, personable and efficient company. I looked at the carpet when they had cleaned half the room and I could immediately compare the difference from the other half. Thanks guys!
A. Broussard

We were very impressed with your services. We were concerned with the heavy traffic areas where stains had built up over time but stains are now gone and carpet looks refreshed. I appreciated the professional attitude and services.
S. Landry

I have been doing business with Premier Carpet Cleaning, Inc for some time now. They have cleaned my upholstered furniture, my carpets and my air conditioning ductwork over a period of a few years. They have always been very dependable and reliable and their work is immaculate. They are a pleasure to have working in your home. They are quiet and unobtrusive and very gentlemanly. These men are very honest and have integrity. I highly recommend them for any of this type of work you might need done in your home. My furniture, carpets and ductwork came out so clean it was wonderful. We had a small “flood” in our den after a particularly heavy rain with water inside the house. This saturated my den rug and padding. They picked up my sopping wet rug, cleaned it and returned it to me in better condition, I think, than it was in before the drying and cleaning process. They really do remarkable work. I am very happy to be able to rely on these people for my cleaning needs.
Judy Comeaux (Mrs. J.L. Comeaux)

You cleaned the carpet in my rent house and I am very pleased. We thought we would have to remove the expensive and special ordered carpet when tenants moved out because of their lack of cleaning. You brought the carpet back to life and made it look new again and saved me from having to buy new carpet! Thanks!
J. Davis

I had my area rugs cleaned and I couldn’t be happier. They are in excellent condition. You lived up to your word and price was exactly what I was quoted. Pickup and delivery service of the rugs was a great help.
S. Friar

Excellent-Very professional service. My carpets were cleaned on the specific appointment date and at the desired time. Plus I added chairs and a sofa at the day of cleaning with no problem. Tom is a business man that we met when we first moved to NI, upon his recommendation at that time we prepared for our retirement. To date- his advice is still applicable. His word is valued.
J. Nelson

My white cotton/linen blend sofa was cleaned by Tom and He did excellent work. He was able to remove marks made by my attempt to spot clean the sofa myself. He was even able to remove a red wine stain. His service is unbeatable!
B. Palumbo